Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two #4 Review

War is coming…….

It’s an interesting way that Taylor is going for the slow burn this year but the moment seems to be now for things to go to hell.

The first portion deals with Sinestro’s beginnings twisted by the narrarator to project himself best to Superman. The second part deals with Hal’s attempts to make the Guardians see Superman’s point of view on Earth.


At the Hall of Justice, Superman, Lex Luthor and the Flash hold a discussion over Sinestro’s entry to the state of affairs.

Sinestro tries to make Superman see it his way by recounting his familiar story of fall, but with a twisted view. He portrays himself as a loyal soldier persecuted by the ones he looked up to and in the case of Jordan, the ones whom he led.

He starts off correctly portraying his situation, but when it comes to Korugar, the fabrication begins. What he saw as love when he tore down the government there, was actually fear.

His single mindness is shown again when he refuses to accept Arin committed suicide having seen him for the monster he was, and instead kills a lot of Korugarians that were suspects only in his mind.

This leads to the Green Lantern Corps coming and after a long difficult battle, finally subduing Sinestro. Hal Jordan is not there to contradict the events, but Flash calls him out for what he is – manipulating Superman.

Sinestro proves that he is playing by their rules by managing to get out of the prison and then hands over his ring as a sign of faith.

On Oa, Hal Jordan attempts to convince the Guardians that Superman is helping the Earth, with examples that Superman’s superhuman army is an analogue to the Corps with Superman as the Guardian. 

But this cuts no ice, as soon Kilowog’s warm welcome turns into hostility as Hal is surrounded by the Lanterns.

Hal tries to escape but is caught. As he is knocked out by Kilowog and stripped of his ring, the Guardians order the capture of Superman.

The Corps heads out.


Sinestro’s familiar story does fall a little short, but for new readers, it is a much needed flashback to someone who is positioned to be one of Superman’s strongest allies. On Oa, the Guardians are portrayed excellently as they rebut all of Hal’s points. Tom hits the right points.

The artwork by Redondo is excellent as usual.

So, I give it 8.5 out of 10.

+Great artwork

+Some good character interactions

+Sinestro gets some flashback moments……

-That may be a little too familiar for regular DC readers

-The Sinestro part felt padded out

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